Retrofit existing lanes. Hybrid technology allows all lanes to be open - all the time. No redesign of front-end needed. Grocery Solution C-Store Solution Retail Solution
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Utopia Services

Refurbishment of Old Lanes and Self-Checkout Units: Pan-Oston can reuse your current capital investments. Old lanes can be reused, and old self checkout cabinets and hardware can be integrated with the latest Utopia Self-Checkout Lane software. Donít throw out your previous investments!

Customer hardware integration: From checkout lanes to customer service counters, Pan Ostonís skilled technicians can incorporate your POS hardware into all of your cabinets prior to leaving our dock.

POS Integration: Pan-Oston can develop an interface that will allow the Utopia Solution to talk with your current POS system within 90 business days or less. This requires no modification to your underlying processes, but allows Utopia to pull the most current information in real time so it is perfectly in sync with your backend, just like your regular checkout terminals.

Installation: Pan-Ostonís teams have the experience and expertise you require to get your technology solution up and running.

Field Service: Pan Oston has an extensive network of trained service technicians for rapid response to minimize downtime.

Preventive Maintenance: Pan-Ostonís Preventive Maintenance Programs are tailored to your needs, and provide the assurance that your technology solutions are maintained in top condition.

Break-Fix Services: We have the ability to work either on-site or provide depot repair.

Training: Best in class training and technical support!

Proactive Monitoring: Through VPN technology, our support experts can monitor your solutions 24/7, being alerted of errors before they become real problems. If anything goes wrong, steps to resolve the issue can begin immediately. Most of the time problems will be resolved without any disturbance to the storeís front end, or without the need to dispatch an on-site technician.