Retrofit existing lanes. Hybrid technology allows all lanes to be open - all the time. No redesign of front-end needed. Retail Solution C-Store Solution
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Self Scan Software
  The Utopia software has numerous features that set it apart from the average self-checkout system:

  • Stores now have the option of having as many units as needed located anywhere in the store. If only one is required at a service desk or cash wrap that can be done economically. Additional units can be added at any time.

  • The Utopia self checkout can function as an informational kiosk to satisfy the retailers desire to provide information to store customers.

  • Attendant stations are not required. Attendant functions can be performed directly at the unit or by a mobile device such as a PDA from anywhere in the store.

  • The Utopia software is built on an open architecture platform to seamlessly integrate into current POS systems and peripherals. The use of the Utopia Middleware Management System (MMS) facilitates the integration process to the existing POS system. The MMS application contains an embedded data exchange framework to communicate information to and from an existing POS application. This next generation process delivers a fast and cost effective solution to placing self scan solutions to store environments. Initial integration can be extremely fast, typically 90 days or less.

  • Imbedded soft programming capability allows screen and administrative permission changes at the store, district, or corporate level by any personnel as permitted by the system administrator.

  • Units can be configured with electronic payment only or with a full cash feature.

  • Biometric security access replaces pin number management. Fingerprints can be added and monitored, as well as easily deleted.

  • The use of VPN internet access to individual store lanes provides visibility to hardware and software performance. Each device can be proactively monitored to insure reliable performance. In the event of device or software interruption remote visibility and access also allows for problem resolution without the need for a technical dispatch in over 75% of instances.

  • Custom screen insertions for advertisements, unique promotions, branding or unique store offerings can be incorporated into the User Interface Screen using XML.

  • The Utopia delayed mediation feature allows for shoppers to continue scanning their order even if there is an outstanding intervention issue such as age verification or an invalid barcode. Transactions can not be tendered until all open issues have been remedied.

  • Easy to read, easy to follow user interface screens are preferred by Utopia customers. The Utopia interface has two languages as standard and can incorporate up to six languages if needed.

  • Utopia software is specifically designed to support new technology and is prepared for the addition of advanced hardware models over time.