Retrofit existing lanes. Hybrid technology allows all lanes to be open - all the time. No redesign of front-end needed. Retail Solution C-Store Solution
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Self Scan Cabinet

Utopia brings over 30 years of experience to cabinet design. We can craft a solution that fits the unique needs of your grocery environment.

Would you like a cabinet design that can service customers with full carts of product? Or maybe a design that is ideal for servicing express transactions of 15 items or less? Would you like a cabinet that is efficient at both? Anything is possible.

Real estate at your front-end is at a premium, so we will also craft a solution that can fit within your available footprint. You will not be able to find this combination of expertise and customization anywhere else.

And why should self-scan units stick out like a sore thumb? You’ve created and managed your store decor with a sharp eye toward strengthening your brand and creating a pleasant experience for your customers. Utopia Self Scan can help reinforce your brand and enhance this experience by maintaining consistency with a particular store décor and color scheme.